February 24, 2012
WE MOVEDDDDDD!! to http://giraffecorps.liamak.net all thanks to my amigos, Mr. Liam, who happily fell in love with my eraser and thus donated server space to charm it. (Not really.)

It’s true that we moved though, so go go go GOOO.

Edit: Not sure if I didn’t make it clear before, but for some reason, people are still going to this one? o:

February 24, 2012
Changed Shen Yue Zhi Yao back to Chen Yue Zhi Yao :’D

February 21, 2012

Chapter 2 of Gong Hua is OUT (: Props to our translator Yumeruhime and our proofer Alice! \o/ Happy… President’s Day? LOL I’m enjoying my 4 day weekend. Gotta go back to school tomorrow… ugh.

February 4, 2012

Once again, we’re dying to have more staff members >: Novel translating requires only two positions, translators and proofreaders. It is more time-consuming and trickier to do than regular scanlations, but I hope anyone remotely interested in our work can help out! Chapter 1 of Shen Yue Zhi Yao is actually 17+ pages if you copy and paste it onto Word. ;___;

On side, all comments to us would equal giving cookies to the cookie monster. Please spam us with comments and suggestions. It’d make us really happy :D (Please also link me with jpgs/gifs of giraffes 8DDD)

Also, the polls shows that most people prefer full chapters, so there we have it guys!


January 31, 2012

Please email eeled@hotmail.com or giraffecorps@live.com to apply. :DDDD

Chapter 1 of Gong Hua was actually done when we released it back in December. Sorry for the confusion guys :’D Also, the last bits of the prologue for Shen Yue Zhi Yao is released!

A couple notes on the author’s writing style: She likes to embed the main character’s thoughts (1st person) into a 3rd person narrative. So watch out for those and don’t be surprised when you see them.

As you can all see, chapter 1 is there too, but with a password. All chapters under a password are either currently in translation or fully-translated but in need of proofreading. Please check out the FAQ if you’re interested in reading those.

December 10, 2011

Almost there… 8D

November 29, 2011
Greetings, my fellow short-necked friends. We whose necks are long and spotted have come to you today with…

Chen Yue Zhi Yao: Prologues 1, 2, and 3.

Gong Hua: Prologue

The first one’s a comedy while the second’s a drama. I love comedies and so do you, now go read it read it go go go 8D Just a heads up, I first started reading this on the bus and laughed like an idiot. Made an instant superstar with full on spotlight. oh yeah. 8)

Also, I usually loathe sad stories, but hey, the author of the second one is YUWO (author of 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight!) Considering it’s her, even a tragedy can’t actually be that sad, now can it?

November 11, 2011

4.578 billion years ago – Formation of Planet Earth

45 minutes and 78 seconds later – Formation of Sunglasses-wearing Giraffes

Today – We have come back. with pie translation devices.


7 thoughts on “Updates

  1. 4 things:
    1) Thanks for all your hard work
    2) I could also lurk and help, so I’ll (eventually) email you
    3) Just FYI, http://sunkenmoon.wordpress.com/ is also translating the story about Fan Tong (though I think you are further)
    4) I think you mean Death Note *Allusion* (alliteration is repetition of the first sounds of words that are in sequence; allusion is a reference to an outside work)


    • Oops! (about the allusion part) Thank you for the info :’D

      And whoa, didn’t notice someone else translating it! It’s awesome you found out while we’re both new to the series. This can become a great joint project ^O^

      Hope to hear from you. We’re dying for staff :’D

  2. Question: As a proofreader what would I be doing? As in, just reading over the translations to check for flow/grammar/spelling mistakes? Or comparing to the original text and fixing up the translation that way? Because I might be able to help if it’s just flow-checking, but my chinese is probably below middle school level =.=;

  3. I would love love love to help you proof, but i’m already kind of helping two different groups.
    i can drop by every now and then to check in, and lurk, and maybe correct grammar…? if you need~~~??

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