Gong Hua / 公華

Background/Summary (From Novel):

The Tree signaled the others with a sad cry of its approaching death. Not one of the leaves below it was without grief.
Yet before the Tree withered away, it gave birth to a Flower, a Flower that is responsible for protecting the Leaves.
Facing their own most powerful protector,
The Leaves panicked…
A guardian Flower who has lost its tree… can easily become insane.
We cannot keep him, definitely not.
The guardian who was abandoned by his own people… was then picked up by humans.
The Humans gave him a name ––– Gong Hua.
A gentle human taught him love. The deaths of his loved ones taught him hate.
Although Gong Hua just began to understand the world, the first thing he finds himself wanting is…
Yet at the same time, he realizes, he himself is a target for revenge as well.

Read More:

The First Song: Abandoned Flower (棄花)
Chapter 1: Flower, Gong Hua…… Gong Hua
Chapter 2: Owen and Mila… Human



6 thoughts on “Gong Hua / 公華

  1. The word is out! (a little),
    Great job you guys!
    By the way, do you guys know where I can get raws of Gong Hua? (for google translate) I know that way of reading is horrible and not the same but I want to know what happens next, so that I can have the patience to wait for the good version, which I can then enjoy slowly :]

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